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"Someone with pale, white skin."

well shit. 

Exactly also dont for get skinnier than a pole


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


me: *thinks of kyungsoo*
jongin: stay in your lane








Fat Fucking Whale…. look what you’ve let happen to yourself….. Pathetic…

Is this some type of sick joke? That’s not fat, that’s a human in there. As in, one that needs to be nourished properly to survive.


All right, time to get on my hormone-bolstered rage horse for a minute.

That baby in there gets all of his nourishment from you, from what you eat, and he needs about 300-500 calories a day ON TOP of what you need to keep growing and stay healthy. And he needs a lot of nutrients. He needs fats and proteins and carbohydrates and folic acid and vitamins and minerals so that he can develop a healthy brain and healthy eyes and healthy lungs and limbs and cardiac muscle. 

Pregnancy is dangerous and risky enough without you feeling the need to turn it into a thinspo opportunity Jesus Fucking Christ.

I sincerely hope you get your shit together before you’re responsible for another life.

people are seriously ignorant sometimes…. someone has a disorder or an illness and your logical answer is to tell me all the things i am doing wrong and all the things that are screwed up about me? as if i dont already know? thank you for that life inspiring piece of information. 


Oh wow no, having an eating disorder doesn’t excuse the fact that you’re promoting it as a dietary choice instead of a mental illness and it doesn’t give you a free pass to promote and glorify a mental illness that kills a fuckton of people because you’re “screwed up”. When you take pregnant selfies and tag them with pro-anorexia and thinspo you’re inviting people to be concerned about the well-being of your child, because crash dieting and disordered behavior during pregnancy is FUCKING SERIOUS and could screw up your child’s entire life. 

I do not care what disorder you have or what your tragic backstory is or how attacked you feel right now because you are putting lives at risk promoting anorexia as a ‘lifestyle choice’ and a diet rather than what it is, and especially considering you’re pregnant AND a legal adult there’s no excuse for that bullshit. 

How are you going to feel if some insecure sixteen-year-old girl who happens to be pregnant sees your selfie and decides to engage in the ABC diet or some equally stupid pro-ana bullshit and loses her baby as a result? ACT LIKE A DAMN ADULT.

She has no excuses. My best friend whom is no longer with me got pregnant due to a sexual assault. She was also anorexic. Because she made the decision to keep her child, she has made the decision to keep her child and herself healthy. She got the help she needed because she wanted nothing but healthiness for her child.

What this girl is doing is degrading and insulting. You are putting your child at risk and parading your eating disorder on the internet as if it’s cute. You need to grow up and realise that you are going to be a mother. It’s no longer all about you. You made the decision to keep this child and you should damn well take care of it. No matter what sob story you have, it won’t change the fact that you are a mother putting your child in harm’s way.

I honestly don’t care this person has an ED - it’s NOT ABOUT YOU, PREGNANT PERSON — it’s about your kid. So maybe get the fuck off tumblr and get help for your baby’s sake.

Hey guys listen, calm down please.Guys realise that even if she wasnt pregnant she still needs to eat. She needs to realise that the this she just callen “fat” is a baby human. With a eating disorder its hard to “just eat” ok? Instead of pulling together and yelling at her to eat, pull together and tell her to have COURAGE to eat. Reming her that this is not only unsafe for her but for her baby and that if she cant fight her eating disorder for herself, at least do it for the new bundle of joy shes bringing into the world. Got it?


♡skins blog♡

OK, That post on instagram he made sounded very heart wrenching but lets be honest… If its maent to be with his girlfriend its meant to be. No amount of “fans” are going to stop them from being together so basically if they want to they can just hide it.  For instance, apparently they’ve been dating for several months nowand were just now finding out about it so theyre pretty good at hiding it. I’m really not that worried. I mean yes, there are several reasons why baekyeon made that post…But honestly, if he wants to he still can date. I talked with another kpop blogger and she also thought maybe he just made that post to help people believe that theyre not still dating while they actualy are. And if not because of that reason he still had others..


tao is a teenage white girl at heart




Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the new Peter Pan and Wendy of the new movie, currently being filmed, Pan (2015).

Levi Miller and Leni Zieglmeier

(due for release 17th of July, 2015)

*pauses mid-celebration bc of the backlash i know this little girl is going to get for obtaining this role*

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